• Our Site and Location

    The thermal oxidation plant and infrastructure are embedded within the 15-hectare manufacturing site in Seal Sands, Middlesbrough, UK.

    The site, which is located within the North East chemical cluster (a dedicated area specifically designed for the process industry), is strategically positioned in an area of high hazardous chemical waste production, and has good logistical connections to Teesside, Newcastle, Sunderland, the A1/M1 and wider area.

    The site is well served by road, rail and sea with the nearest habitation being over three kilometres from the site.

    The site itself is organised to enable frequent road tanker traffic to and from the incineration facility.

  • Plant Capacity

    Incinerator 41 tank farm type pic 2The plant will have a burn capacity of approximately 12 MW and the potential at full capacity to burn 48,000 tonnes of waste per annum.

    We burn chlorinated and non-chlorinated organics and aqueous wastes containing recalcitrant organic contaminants requiring high temperatures for their efficient destruction.

Contact Information

Lianhetech Seal Sands
Seal Sands

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Our Commitment

- to deliver exceptional CHEMISTRY and exceptional value ensuring a great CUSTOMER experience.

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