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We all know how expensive research and development can be, but our scientists have experience operating in a true manufacturing environment , we make sure you get a process “right first time”, to take you forward in less time and at greater efficiency.


  • Route Scouting utilising multireactors and on-line database tools


  • Green ChemIstry embedded in our systems – waste minimisation, solvent recycle and a continuous improvement philosophy


  • On Line process Analytical tools including ReactIR© for reaction kinetics


  • Metter LabMax© systems to assist in critical parameter studies, Quality by Design and Crystalisation studies


  • Robust technology transfer procesdures ready to run your processes in our plant or yours with accurate simulation of commercial production conditions


  • Ability to predict large scale drivers and costs based on our sister company’s expertise


  • We pride ourselves on our flexibility, problem solving and tech assets to bridge the gap between lab and pilot scale

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Our Commitment

- to deliver exceptional CHEMISTRY and exceptional value ensuring a great CUSTOMER experience.

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