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We bring together our Scientist’s expertise in synthetic chemistry at both small and industrial scale, on-line literature and databases, and state of the art laboratories, to apply our considerable knowledge to all your synthesis projects, whatever the challenge or the scale.


  • Diverse chemical experience in the Pharma, Agrochemical and Speciality sectors, with >100 process stages performed through 2011 in the Fine Industries Group


  • Over 30 years as a contract manufacturer


  • Operate from ISO 9001 to full cGMP at the scale you need


  • Equipped to manufacture
    • Controlled Drugs
    • Metabolites
    • Reference Standards
    • Impurities
    • Building Blocks, Scaffolds and Focused Libraries
    • Stable Isotope manufacture of Bioanalytical Standards (2H, 13C, 15N)


  • Hazard Evaluation in-house to study more difficult transformations


  • An ability to manufacture from grammes to tonnes


  • Leveraging bulk materials to minimise your cost of goods

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Our Commitment

- to deliver exceptional CHEMISTRY and exceptional value ensuring a great CUSTOMER experience.

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